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Treat to the eyes! So far!

Oh, Courtney

Homemade chocolate chip cookies are one of the simple pleasures that just make life worth living… or sometimes you just need a good classic treat. I was all set to whip up some good ol’ chocolate chip cookies, but figured I may as well tweak the recipe a bit. I wanted to make sure that I created a moist, gooey cookie. Perhaps I’d melt the better, instead of using it softened and axe the egg, but throw in a little something special. Ah, what do we have here in the fridge? A pack of cream cheese. There’s no way this could turn out badly and I was certainly correct! I must say, I didn’t really taste the cream cheese in the cookies at all, but it seemed as though it gave them the exact texture and yummyness that I was hoping for! My boyfriend and I agreed that these were…

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