I bring sunshine

We have lost so much. Wo lost family, we lost love. We lost a part of us.
Keep thinking what it would have been like if things were otherwise.

Treasured Trifles and Trifled Treasures

Lahore ke us pehle jile ke do pargana mein pahunche ,

Resham gali ke duje kuche ke chauthe makaan mein pahunche,

Aur kehte hain jisko dooja mulk us Pakistan mein pahunche,

Likhta hoon khat main hindustan se pehloo-e-husna mein pahunche

I felt  like I am  in Lahore in the first district and the second subdivision

I felt like I am in that Resham street, in the second colony’s fourth house, 

I felt like I am in Pakistan, that place which they call a different country now

I felt like I was by the side of you Husna, as I write this letter from Hindustan 

(This could also mean “Hope this letter that I write from Hindustan reaches you Husna”)

Main to hoon baitha o Husna meri yaadon puraani mein khoya 

Pal pal ko ginta, pal pal ko chunta beeti kahaani mein khoya 

Patte jab jhadte Hindustaan mein yaadein tumhari ye…

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