I bring sunshine

Filled with anguish.

Kashmir- My isolated existence

I woke up this morning to an NDTV news update on my iPad which said Afzal Guru had been hanged. It took me a while to take in this news. I remember hearing about this guy when I was a kid, so many years had passed. It was when a strike had been called for because Afzal Guru had been sentenced to death. I read and tried to find out what this was all about. I concluded and believed; Afzal Guru was innocent of what he had been charged with. Afzal Guru was not hanged. Years passed and I forgot about this man, no news of him. He continued to live, a life where he did not belong, his family left alone to suffer.

It was  a few months back that I came across this online petition which aimed at getting justice delivered to Afzal Guru. So many memories of…

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We have lost so much. Wo lost family, we lost love. We lost a part of us.
Keep thinking what it would have been like if things were otherwise.

Treasured Trifles and Trifled Treasures

Lahore ke us pehle jile ke do pargana mein pahunche ,

Resham gali ke duje kuche ke chauthe makaan mein pahunche,

Aur kehte hain jisko dooja mulk us Pakistan mein pahunche,

Likhta hoon khat main hindustan se pehloo-e-husna mein pahunche

I felt  like I am  in Lahore in the first district and the second subdivision

I felt like I am in that Resham street, in the second colony’s fourth house, 

I felt like I am in Pakistan, that place which they call a different country now

I felt like I was by the side of you Husna, as I write this letter from Hindustan 

(This could also mean “Hope this letter that I write from Hindustan reaches you Husna”)

Main to hoon baitha o Husna meri yaadon puraani mein khoya 

Pal pal ko ginta, pal pal ko chunta beeti kahaani mein khoya 

Patte jab jhadte Hindustaan mein yaadein tumhari ye…

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Dilli and Diwali

With the festival of lights approaching and the smog over the Delhi sky growing, there is not much one can do but hope that they’d ban crackers this Diwali.

The smog cannot be dismissed as a mere weather phenomenon as there is minimal dip in the temperature.

Environmentalists are blaming high levels of air pollution in the city for triggering the smog. Lt. Governor Tejendra Khanna has attributed the smog and the poor air quality to growing vehicular pollution. On the other hand the Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit denied vehicular pollution being the reason and blamed the burning of straw by farmers in the neighbouring states of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. Following this the Delhi government has enforced a ban on the burning of leaves and garbage in the city. Anyone found violating the ban will face a fiver year jail term and a fine of Rs.One lakh.


The Supreme Court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA), has said that it will push for strict monitoring of pollution norms. Vehicles will be checked at five entry points into Delhi.

Smog is not uncommon for Delhi winters but this year it hit sooner and was more severe.

Lack of wind caused the dust particles and other matter to hang in the air.

The most blamed is the rising emission level from the ever increasing number of vehicles.

With the government already taking measures to check the rising pollution, it is time for the locals to take steps to help and not add to the smog which is clearly a health hazard, this Diwali.

Though notices in public interest against the burning of crackers have been  issued for the past many years, this year round it calls for huge participation from the locals.

Burning of crackers would make the smog battle harder to win and would intensify the already existing problem.


Light lamps, diyas, enjoy the food and the sweets, celebrate, spread love and DON’T burn crackers. Make this Diwali special for Dilli.

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Treat to the eyes! So far!

Oh, Courtney

Homemade chocolate chip cookies are one of the simple pleasures that just make life worth living… or sometimes you just need a good classic treat. I was all set to whip up some good ol’ chocolate chip cookies, but figured I may as well tweak the recipe a bit. I wanted to make sure that I created a moist, gooey cookie. Perhaps I’d melt the better, instead of using it softened and axe the egg, but throw in a little something special. Ah, what do we have here in the fridge? A pack of cream cheese. There’s no way this could turn out badly and I was certainly correct! I must say, I didn’t really taste the cream cheese in the cookies at all, but it seemed as though it gave them the exact texture and yummyness that I was hoping for! My boyfriend and I agreed that these were…

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